Saturday, December 28, 2019

Winter Technical Training

Winter Technical Trainings are an opportunity to get an hour of soccer focused exercise and technical skills work.  Most sessions will be lead by our Director of Coaching, Fred Hostetler.  Due to gym size and numbers, players may only attend trainings for their age group at the times listed below.  All sessions are for boys and girls unless otherwise indicated.

Players should wear gym shoes (no cleats), and bring a soccer ball.  

For Feb:
Most practices will be for teams only with team coaches.
Those listed as an age group with coach Fred and are open to all players in that age grouping.
Coach Leila has also added some practices for all the U7s.

Thursday 13th Valley View
6:15-7:10  U9 Heat with Coach Tristan
7:15-815  U10 Avalanche with Coach Derek

Friday 14th Shady Lane 
6:00-7:00  U8 Coed -Coach Fred
7:00-8:00  Coach Leila's Select Team

Thursday 20th Valley View
6:15-7:10  U7s with Coach Leila

Friday 21st Shady Lane
6:00-7:00 Coach Leila's Select Team
7:00-8:00 Brandy and Scott's Senior Girls

Thursday 27th Valley View
6:15-7:10  Coach Tristen's U9 Heat
7:15-8:15 U10 Avalanche with Coach Derek

Friday 28th Shady Lane
6:00-7:00  U7s with Coach Leila
7:00-8:00 Coach Leila's U11 Select Team

For March:

Thursday March 5th Valley View
6:15- 7:15  U8 Girls Monsoon
7:15- 8:15  Coach Tristan's U9 Heat

Friday March 6th Shady Lane
6:00- 7:00. Coach Adam O's U9 Quakes
7:00- 8:00

Thursday March 12th Valley View
7:15-8:15 Coach Derek U10 Avalanche

Friday March 13th Shady Lane
6:00- 7:00  U7s with Coach Leila
7:00- 8:00  Coach Leila's U11 Select Team

Thursday March 19th Valley View
6:15-7:15  U7s with Coach Leila
7:15-8:15  Coach Leila's U11 Select Team

Friday March 20th Shady Lane
6:00-7:00  Coach Tristan's U9 Heat
7:00-8:00  Coach Adam O's U9 Quakes